A Biography of Scrap
Photographs by Saumya Khandelwal

A graveyard goes silent
Photographs by Javed Raja and Salman Raja | Text by Avinash Nair | The Indian Express | 18 October, 2015

A Life in Trash for Dalit Recyclers
Photographs by Shome Basu | The Wire | 14 April, 2016

Finding dignity in discard
Photographs by Ravi Choudhary | Hindustan Times

In Search of Dignity
Photographs by Sudharak Olwe

Mithi River
Photographs by Gopal MS

The Afterlife of the Lifeless at Mayapuri Junkyard
Photographs by Sreedeep | The Wire | 1 May, 2016

The Wagharis: The unlikely recyclers you don’t know of
Photographs by Cheena Kapoor | The Indian Express