A city that creates, grows and consumes also generates waste. Waste has always played a significant role in the socio-economic functioning of a city. Though largely neglected, the waste industry continues to grow along with the burgeoning city of Mumbai. However, seldom taking responsibility, the city considers waste to be better off concealed than treated.

How the city perceives waste affects its waste managers. The numerous collectors, managers and cleaners of waste constitute a population whose work and poor working conditions are often neglected.

WasteLines Mumbai is a multimedia web archive that showcases content about the perceptions, politics and management of waste in a city along with arguments on the need to recognise, regulate and dignify the work of waste managers, whose work contributes to the economy and better environment. With special focus on Mumbai, the archive features textual, audio, and visual content created by waste managers, communities, researchers and activists.

The different sections of the archive are: